About Us

Restaurant Shanghai Garden takes the best elements from the Chinese Culinary Traditions: Cantonese, Sichuanese, Shanghainese, Mongolian and Beijing. The restaurant finds you amongst a relaxing contemporary atmosphere. Whatever your occasion, we have created the perfect setting and offer you an unique experience. During your visit we recommend our Peking Duck, which is highly praised over here.

Our Philosophy

In China we say: 'Be born in Suzhou, live in Hangzhou, eat in Guangzhou.'
Hangzhou is a city near Shanghai that is known for its beautiful and soothing landscape.
Guangzhou is a city with an ancient culinary culture, that belongs to the top of the world in creativity and refinedness.

An overview of our cuisines:
Cantonese chefs put emphasis on the freshness of their ingredients.
In Sichuan they use a lot of herbs and spices.
Shanghai is a coastal city and therefore its cuisine consists of many fish and seafood dishes.
Beijing is known of course for its Peking Roast Duck.
Last of all we offer Tipan Grill dishes which are prominent in the Mongolian cuisine.

We take the best elements from all these cuisines and we want to give you a pleasant Oriental culinary experience in our beautiful and atmospheric restaurant in the Dutch city of Alkmaar.