For Alkmaar and Its Surroundings

Specifically for businesses, tourists, campers, travel groups, organisations and for holidays! Shanghai Garden is the complete partner for all your catering needs. We provide catering for groups of 20 people and above. Do you have specific wishes? We are always ready to help you. The catering service encompasses delivery, dinner plates and sauces. Are you interested in the possibilities? Contact us by e-mail or phone without any obligations.

Pricelist Catering Menus

Kroepoek CrackersKroepoek CrackersKroepoek Crackers
Mini Egg RollsMini Egg RollsMini Egg Rolls
Chicken SatayChicken SatayChicken Satay
Babi PangangBabi PangangBabi Pangang
Koe Loe YukBabi Pangang PineappleKoe Loe Yuk
Thai ChickenTaossi KaiTaossi Kai
Peking DuckChicken with Cashew NutsFoo Young Egg
Fillet of Beef Chinese ChampignonsKin Do KaiChop Suey

20-30 people: € 18.50
>30 people: € 17.50

20-30 people: € 14.50
>30 people: € 13.50

20-30 people: € 12.60
>30 people: € 11.80

You get nasi, bami, white rice or mihoen with your menus. This menu is adjustable in consultation to all your needs.