Take Away

Here at Shanghai Garden you can order and take away Indonesian and Chinese dishes. Furthermore we offer you monthly menus compiled by our chef cuisinier. Every now and then we give special offers and discount menus, currently "Menu Speciaal" is being offered.

Pricelist Chinese


Special Menu

Abundant and celebratory! Our chef cuisinier Z. Chen had compiled this menu for the holidays of December 2013. There was so much demand for it, even after the holidays, that we have decided to make the menu available to our customers throughout the whole year for them to take away. Tasty dishes like: Peking Duck, Babi Pangang (Bacon), beef in black bean sauce and much more!
46 euros for 4 people menu_speciaal.pdf

Menu of March

Every first of the month we update our menu. Here you can expect up-to-date information.

Mini Egg Rolls Mini Egg Rolls
Chicken Satay Chicken Satay
Chicken in Oystersauce Chicken in Oystersauce
Babi Pangang Babi Pangang
Chop Suey Egg Foo Young
Indian Beef Fried Chicken Balls
Prawn Cracker
2 people: € 18.50
4 people: € 35.00
2 people: € 19.00
4 people: € 36.00